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Microsoft Cloud Bootcamp 

Unlock Your Greatest Potential as a Cloud Engineer: Join Our Bootcamp Today!

Fantastic job opportunities to join world’s leading IT Software & Solutions Companies. (Please note that we do not guarantee employment but will support you with placement assistance through our platform- Skilld.

Learn now, pay later with Millionlights

Kick-start your tech career and pay for the course when you find a job after.

Cost of Bootcamp - GBP 3999/-

250 GBP to apply to our finance partner Stepex

  • Sit and Clear our Pre Assessment Exam
  • No Deposit Fee if you qualify and are accepted in the Bootcamp
  • Only start repayments when you find a job after the course
  • Repayments are capped
  • Repayments pause whenever you’re not earning

Are you thinking about joining Millionlights, but paying for the course is tough?

We're pleased to offer you the opportunity to apply for our Future Earnings Agreement.

This allows you to pay for our course after you graduate with a share of your future income. It's like a student loan, but better, since there's no interest on your loan. Instead, you either pay until you reach the maximum cap, or the maximum number of repayments.

Invest in your future today.

Start repaying when you get a job

Apart from the deposit to secure your place, you’ll only begin repayments after you finish the course and only once you're earning over a minimum salary.

Zero interest for a fairer loan

Future Earnings Agreements are more affordable than traditional loan products because you don't pay any interest.

Repayments are capped

You’ll never repay more than the maximum cap.

A fixed number of repayments

Repayments are linked to how much you earn. So you’ll either make the maximum number of repayments, or you’ll reach the maximum cap before then.

What are the requirements for the Future Earnings Agreement?

  • Over 18 years old
  • Right to work in the UK
  • One year residency in the UK
  • Pass the Future Earnings Agreement financial checks

Additionally, the Future Earnings Agreement is available to people who are both citizens and have 1 year residency of the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Sweden


What is a Future Earnings Agreement?

The Future Earnings Agreement is an option available to our students to pay for the course. It's similar to a normal student loan, as you borrow money to pay tuition fees, with the intention of paying it back later once you begin earning a salary.

Is the Future Earnings Agreement like a typical student loan?

It's similar, but there are several key differences that make it a better option. Firstly, you won’t pay interest on the amount borrowed, so you won’t be chasing an ever-increasing figure that keeps rising with interest. Instead, the amount you repay is linked to the amount you earn, so the less you earn, the less you pay back, and vice versa if you earn more. Secondly, you only start making repayments once you pass the minimum earnings threshold. Finally, your repayment is capped and you'll never pay more than the maximum cap. Or, if you don't reach the maximum cap, you'll never make more than the maximum number of monthly repayments

How much will I need to pay?

The amount you need to pay depends which course you are applying for. Check the individual course page or ask our Admissions team during your Admissions interview for full details.

Who is your financial provider?

Future Earnings Agreements are provided by our partner StepEx. They are fully regulated and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (frn 824928).

What happens if I lose my job?

Your repayments will pause - with no interest - until you start a new job earning over £23,000.

Will I have to keep repaying the loan forever?

Not at all! You'll either make the maximum number of monthly repayments and then stop paying, or you'll reach the maximum cap sooner than that, in which case you'll stop paying anyway. If you haven't met either criteria made within six years, the remaining balance of your Future Earnings Agreement is cleared.

About the Course

An immersive learning experience - aligned to Microsoft Certifications AZ 104 and AZ 204

6 Weeks Intensive Course

Three Days a Week Sessions

Labs / Capstone Projects

Weekly Assessments

Microsoft Certification Voucher - (paid upfront)

How does it work?



  • University Level Applicants
  • Atleast 2 years of work experience in tech
  • Valid UK work permit


Take the Eligibility Assessment

  • 40 mins Online assessment.
  • Questions will be on programming and the cloud


Course placement interview

Our team will interact with you to understand your aspirations and future plans. This will assist us to arrange interviews on your behalf when you successfully complete the program


Apply for FEA via our Finance Partner - Stepex

Stepex will explain the details of the program once you clear our assessments and apply for the financial assistance


Start the bootcamp

Once we get the go ahead from Stepex - we will send you the login details to our learning platform and add you to the cohort.

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